July 8, 2023

White Paper: How to become a shipper of choice during peak 2023


Körber’s transportation consulting experts offer six detailed ways shippers can improve their relationship with all their carriers. Plus, Tips for a smoother peak 2023.

Although carriers face the issue of declining demand, with consumers tightening their belts as cost-of-living rises, it won’t deter carriers from wanting their business to run on a tight schedule to meet delivery demands.

Being a shipper of choice should be a long-term strategy.

Balancing delivery expectations and performance against costs is going to be a big challenge, especially during peak season. As the big carriers release their latest GRIs (general rate increases), shippers are scrambling to understand the financial effects these price increases have on their peak season projections and activities. But, with the right strategy and the leverage now in their court, understanding options that make shippers more appealing to a wider carrier partner assortment can help mitigate costs and optimize networks.

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