July 18, 2023

3 reasons you don’t want to miss the Enterprise Fleet Summit


FreightWaves is hosting its next virtual event, the Enterprise Fleet Summit, on Wednesday.

Enterprise trucking fleets exist in an increasingly competitive landscape, but also have more opportunities than ever before. As many fleets are adopting progressive technology strategies, this daylong virtual summit will examine the components of a successful enterprise fleet and will tackle the most pressing issues facing enterprise fleets today and the strategies to grow fleets, networks, customer bases and profit margins. 

The event begins at 9 a.m.

Here’s some of what you’ll experience:

Keynote address from Jennifer Hedrick 

FreightWaves’ Grace Sharkey will sit down with Jennifer Hedrick, president and CEO of the Women In Trucking Association, to talk about the critical steps required to attract more women to pursue careers as truck drivers within large fleets.

As the trucking industry seeks to diversify its workforce and utilize the wealth of untapped talent, Sharkey and Hedrick will explore the challenges, opportunities and strategies necessary to empower women in this traditionally male-dominated field. 

From addressing the misconceptions surrounding trucking to highlighting the benefits of increased gender diversity, this keynote aims to inspire change and foster an inclusive environment in which women can thrive as professional truck drivers. 

Engaging fireside chats

Like other FreightWaves events, this summit will include a series of fireside chats from some of the industry’s most influential thought leaders. Here is who you can expect to hear from:

• Jesse Chappell, Trimble: Onboard video and fleet safety

Fleet safety is the top priority across the board in the transportation industry. Minimizing risk for fleets’ drivers and equipment, coupled with protecting their businesses from litigation, is at the forefront for modern fleets of all sizes. So why hasn’t the industry exhausted all the tools available?

• Jeff Seraphine, Interstate Health: Driver health and how to make health care more accessible for drivers

Seraphine will discuss the critical issue of truck driver health and ways to enhance accessibility to health care for this vital workforce. The conversation will shed light on the challenges faced by truck drivers and explore potential solutions to address their health care needs.

• Sam Arons, Gage Zero: Electrifying your fleet through innovative finance models

Gage Zero is a newcomer to a growing roster of turnkey suppliers offering end-to-end electrification services: land, trucks, charging and management. With $300 million in backing, the company thinks its expertise in negotiating renewable energy purchases is an advantage in dealing with fleets entering an expensive and uncomfortable transition to electric mobility.

• Rick Larkin, BCB Transport: The critical role data plays within today’s fleet operations

Larkin will cover how to optimize opportunities while taking care of your people in the second half of 2023.

• Leah Shaver, National Transportation Institute: How understanding wage data can help enterprise fleets stay competitive

Shaver will dig into some of the biggest influences on driver pay through the last freight cycle, including the lingering effects of COVID-19, the market downturn and the anticipation of a muted peak season.

• Sadie Church, Artur Express: Attracting and retaining top talent: Understanding what drivers seek in in a company

Church will delve into the minds of drivers to uncover what they prioritize when searching for a company to drive for and how businesses can ensure high levels of driver retention, including compensation, work environment, training opportunities and communication.

• Anthony Culhane, Torc: Autonomous truck technology’s impact on fleet growth

Culhane will discuss the role autonomous technology is playing in changing the fleet landscape and perspective on pilot programs with the nation’s largest truckload carriers.

• Mark Manera, Supply Chain Fitness: On the move: Unleashing the power of fitness in the trucking industry

Discover how integrating fitness into the daily routines of drivers and office workers can enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost employee morale. Dr. Mark Manera highlights the impact that promoting fitness can have on the performance, safety and well-being of individuals within the trucking industry. From the unique challenges faced by drivers and office workers to the transformative power of fitness programs, he uncovers the many reasons why this is a crucial consideration for any enterprise trucking fleet.

Brandon Wiseman, Trucksafe Consulting: DOT compliance and safety

Wiseman will talk about the top challenges for enterprise fleets, including hours of service, CBD usage and ensuring compliance teams are up to date.

Marilyn Surber, Tenstreet: Fleet challenges amid changing driver demographics

Surber will talk about fleet recruiting challenges with the current freight environment and adjusting to changing driver demographics.

You can read the full agenda and speaker bios here

Rapid-fire demos

The day will feature brief demos that will showcase the latest industry advancements and technology by ensuring the most important details are covered as participants work against the clock. 

How does it work? Presenters will have seven minutes to introduce the audience to their companies and products. 

Presenting companies will be TTN, Milemaker and Voltera. 

Ready to attend?

You can register for this free event here


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