STAAR Supply Chain Solutions (SSCSSHIP.COM) provides Transportation solutions, more specifically “End-to-End” Supply Chain Management Solutions.   STAAR SCS solutions crosses multiple and often Separate Business Units including: Sales, Transportation, Operations, Finance, Fulfillment, and Purchasing.

STAAR SCS competitive advantage rests in the unique combination of decades of Freight Management expertise and technological sophistication. The symbiotic relationship between technology and service excellence allows STAAR SCS to manage large volumes of transactions with comparably lean infrastructure.   STAAR SCS VAAPP (Value Add APPlications) store allows each client to customize Supply Chain Solutions to their needs.

STAAR SCS technology offers the optimal information hub for visibility and transparency to effectively manage your shipping needs.   STAAR SCS shipping technology enables any company to synchronize market demand, distribution planning and transportation execution.   @STAAR SCS our technology affords all parties within our network access to real-time, critical information to allow for informed decision management at all levels and all points along the supply chain.    

STAAR SCS proprietary technology facilitates all modes of Distribution and Receiving, enables Real Time Cost Management tools available to all of your SBUs simultaneously’, and gives your company complete managed control over all transportation links inherent to your company business needs.

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With STAAR SCS ‘ERA’ is defined by our client missions:


The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do…


@STAAR SCS, we have AMBITIOUS GOALS for 2023 with our Partners:


Help companies deliver over 1,000,000 shipments in 2023…


Consistently and Continually release NEW Supply Chain Performance Applications


Help companies take their entire shipping department PAPERLESS in 2023…


Empower companies with TMS Applications to customize their company’s own Transportation Blockchain



Let STAAR SCS eliminate costs from your supply chain.   Maybe you will find the SCS Marketplace offers you a lower cost shipping rate than you currently have; or, perhaps you need to eliminate manual errors and use the custom SMART automation within SHIP SCS; and possibly, when your company loses necessary and critical paper documents in the shipping process you set off a series of needless costs that can be remedied by taking your department paperless with SCS enabled VISIONPAD for document management.   Want to find out what SCS can eliminate for you today?



With SCS Dedicated Operations you can instantly reduce FTE overhead costs; and, empower your employees to do more than repeat a manual task that has already been done.   You could even simply remove the cost of paper and all of the manual and associated costs that go with it using VISIONPAD.  Want to see what SCS can remove from your process costs today?



Adding profit to the bottom line is every company’s goal, and when you engage with STAAR SCS MARKETPLACE your shipping department as access to tens of carrier options in every mode/service.   In using the MARKETPLACE companies are able to see instant returns from their supply chain that can be distributed across multiple SBU’s.   Aren’t you at least curious to find where your company rates fall within the SCS MARKETPLACE.   Register for a FREE test drive today.   You can even load your carrier rates into ‘SSCSHIP’, and see how much you can save on each and every shipment/service/mode.

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