ERP & Accounting Connectivity


Today there is a large gap between Transportation (Costs and Data) and a company’s many Supply Chain Business Units (SBU’s) that can be closed using STAAR SCS.   Whether you are a Direct (integrated/non-integrated) Client with unlimited access to the tools and services of SHIPSCS; or, you utilize the Proprietary API for your needed services and benefits – The BOTTOM LINE is that STAAR SCS wants to be your partner in Increased PROFITS… 

Simplified Billing

Easily compare time and prices, track the shipments easily and analyze the information through graphics that you get automatically. With this app you can save money and time easily, is the best for your business.

No Fee Credit Card Chargeability

Take control of your payment terms by extending them by 30 days at no cost. Use a credit card to pay your Supply Chain Costs. No hidden Credit Card FEES or Service Charges on your weekly invoice

Unlimited Data Storage

Our Cloud based Data Warehousing solutions expand on demand and and have unlimited data and processing capacity to insure that your transactions are secure and processed readily.

Other services