February 21, 2024

Are truckers really boycotting New York? – WTT


On Episode 684 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner is breaking down the New York trucker boycott. We’ll find out how a video from a driver in Chicago caused the media to run with the story. Is it even real? Is anyone participating and is it impacting freight?

HD Drayage & Container Services’ Hope Allen shines a light on port volumes; drayage on the East Coast; building a company; and the power of training.

REPOWR’s Jake Battles shares the ins and outs of the trailer market. Battles tells us how his company is turning idle assets into cash.

Industry adviser Jim Coffren teaches us carrier vetting tips, tells us why retail is like “Jurassic Park” and discusses if it’s ever OK to scream at your boss.

Plus, $500 parking fines; remote control semitrucks; trucking a house; pickleball barges; and a Somali pirate-hunting cruise.

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