February 24, 2024

CEO spends week in semi to solve parking problem; Will’s Journey; Convoy returns – WTT


On episode 685 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is joined by Truck Parking Club’s Evan Shelley and Autumn Transport owner-operator Chris Thomas. Shelley just spent over a week riding along with Thomas so he can better understand the truck parking problem and issues driver face. We’ll find out what the two learned from each other and about solving these issues.

Will Jenkins is back with his latest venture Journey. After successfully building MoLo and selling it to ArcBest for $235 million, Jenkins is back to building. Now his new company Journey aspires to be the transportation recruiting resource and the premier community-based sales academy for the industry.

Plus, AT&T outage fallout; Convoy returns; MATS 2024; stolen semi bursts into flames and more.


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