February 21, 2024

Delta Cargo’s DeliverDirect offers ‘e-commerce delivery at the speed of flight’


In the e-commerce shipping sector, the efficient use of time can significantly impact business success. In an industry where time often equals money, moving goods quickly and reliably is crucial for customer retention and cost optimization.  

In an effort to address some of the frequent pain points of small parcel shippers, Delta Cargo and SmartKargo have partnered to create DeliverDirect, a practical solution for small parcel shippers. 

Delta Cargo’s DeliverDirect, powered by SmartKargo, provides “e-commerce delivery at the speed of flight” and is the first offering of its kind by a domestic US airline.

Chris Grey, Vice President of Business Development at SmartKargo, previously noted that traditional carriers typically have slower time in transit, sometimes taking as long as seven days for a ground movement. By using DeliverDirect, shippers can inevitably benefit from Delta’s unparalleled operational reliability. 

By tapping into a network of alternative carriers, shippers can also mitigate risks associated with disruptions in the logistics industry, ensuring a more resilient and adaptable supply chain.

In an era where consumers expect delivery faster than ever before, DeliverDirect is set to emerge as a transformative force in small-package delivery. 

How DeliverDirect works

Delta Air Lines operates a vast domestic network, with over 2,500 flights daily to numerous destinations, including major cities like New York and Los Angeles. 

“The space already exists on passenger aircraft,” Grey said. “We utilize that existing available space and put our customers’ small-parcel packages in the belly space of Delta’s passenger aircraft.”

This approach enables DeliverDirect to deliver packages to end customers quickly, with 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and other shipping solutions available.

Currently available nationwide for small parcel shippers with goods weighing up to 25 pounds, DeliverDirect serves various industries, including retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and related sectors.

DeliverDirect positions itself as a partner to its customers, ensuring proactive communication throughout the entire package journey, facilitated by customizable technology that offers full visibility from pick-up to drop-off. 

“Small package shipping has always been on our radar and this innovation provides a transparent and simple option for shippers,” shares Alison Ricker, Managing Director of Global Sales at Delta Cargo.

Unlike traditional shipping providers, DeliverDirect allows continuous tracking of packages once in transit, including in the air. This advanced technology enables shippers to track the entire package journey from warehouse departure to the customer’s doorstep.

Shippers can also customize pick-up times, send notifications to end-consumers, receive proof-of-delivery photos, and more.

DeliverDirect prides itself on cost simplicity and transparency, further distinguishing itself by avoiding unnecessary or accessorial fees. This straightforward approach means no surprise costs or additional reconciliations. DeliverDirect also operates without the complexities of zone-based pricing, relieving shippers of the need for zone management and offering a streamlined and clear-cut shipping experience.  

Expanding delivery options beyond conventional carriers can provide businesses with heightened flexibility and efficiency in their supply chains. Alternative partners like DeliverDirect often offer specialized services that surpass the capabilities of the status quo.

Investing in partnerships that prioritize time and cost savings, without compromising quality of service, provides a foundation for effective growth strategies moving forward. The customer remains the driving force in this dynamic landscape, emphasizing the enduring importance of swift and efficient delivery.

To learn more about Delta Cargo DeliverDirect, visit its website.


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