March 4, 2024

How much does it cost to recover a semi that almost fell off a bridge? – WTT


On Episode 689 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner is joined by Dad of Two Roadside to discuss the semi truck that almost went over the Clark Memorial Bridge last Friday. How much does it cost to recover a truck after an accident like that? We’ll find out. Plus, we’ll learn how towing works for drivers stuck at Donner Pass.

Hydrogen semis are starting to hit the highway this year. We’ll meet Hyzon Motors CEO Parker Meeks to learn the latest about the company’s zero-emissions truck. Hyzon has recently delivered four of its fuel cell trucks to Performance Food Group. We’ll find out why that’s just a start. 

UP Partners has released its 2024 Edition of “The Moving World Report: Macro and Micro Trends in Mobility.” Co-founder Cyrus Sigari breaks down the trends driving the global economy. 

Whimsy Intermodal CEO Matt O’Mara dives into the latest trends in drayage and at the ports, and tells us how the market is shaping up for spring.

Travelers’ Scott Cornell talks about the factors driving high insurance costs.

Plus, tumbleweeds take over Utah; rock slides in Peru; and Texans band together after wildfires.

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