February 22, 2024

Inside Zeem Solutions’ bold plan to electrify fleets across the US


The world is hurtling toward electric vehicle adoption, and Paul Gioupis, co-founder and CEO of Zeem Solutions, wants his company to facilitate that transition for commercial fleets.

On What the Truck?!?, Gioupis highlighted Zeem Solutions’ efforts in creating essential EV infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty fleets. With its flagship EV charging hub near Los Angeles International Airport, equipped with a vast array of both fast and standard charging ports, Zeem stands as a leader in supporting fleets amid stringent environmental regulations and the push for cleaner transport solutions.

Gioupis elaborated on the obstacles facing fleet operators, from sourcing electric trucks to securing reliable chargers, and explained how Zeem Solutions’ comprehensive service model addresses these issues. This model not only encompasses charging and maintenance but also ensures vehicles are primed and ready for drivers, streamlining the shift.

“The reality is that [the technology is] incredibly expensive,” Gioupis said. “The product is premature. The chargers don’t work all the time. So what happens is you need a deep knowledge to really understand, first of all, the truck itself, and then of course the charger and then the utility interaction.”

Building the foundation for EV fleets

Zeem’s facility near LAX, boasting 78 DC fast-charge ports and 53 AC ports, can meet the daily charging needs of quite a few trucks.

But the company’s ambition extends beyond Los Angeles, aiming for national expansion with strategic sights on crucial port locations like Long Beach, California; Savannah, Georgia; SeaTac in Washington; and Newark, New Jersey. These areas, vital for their economic and environmental impact, are prime sites for the subsequent expansion phase, aligning with regulatory movements that advocate a cleaner, diesel-free environment.

Transitioning fleets to electric of course raises technological, logistical and financial challenges. Zeem Solutions meets these challenges with a comprehensive service model that offers charging solutions and a seamless, hassle-free package including vehicle leasing, charging, maintenance and fleet management for fleet operators. The company wants to actively enable electrification through strategic infrastructure development and innovative business practices.

“I’m an investment banker in my DNA,” Gioupis said. “I’m not doing anything unless this makes money and pencils out and it’s scalable across the country.”

Addressing electrification challenges and looking ahead

As Zeem broadens its reach, it’s focusing on demystifying the electrification process for fleets nationwide. The company is confronting electrification challenges directly and offering crucial infrastructure support for the industry’s move toward cleaner transportation. This effort is about more than just adding charging stations; it’s about establishing a comprehensive ecosystem that supports an EV fleet’s entire life cycle, all from one centralized location.

This forward-thinking strategy to address significant electrification barriers showcases an alignment with broader sustainability and efficiency goals. By leveraging partnerships and strategically positioning near major ports, Zeem ensures fleets have the resources needed for a smooth electric transition.

Looking forward, Zeem’s vision is not merely reacting to the present demand for EV infrastructure but is also anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s fleets. With a model emphasizing economic viability and scalability, Zeem Solutions is helping lay the groundwork for a sustainable, efficient future in commercial transportation. 

“We’ve made over 1.7 million phone calls,” Gioupis said. “We’ve engaged 16,000 fleets that have come to us and said, ‘OK, if you’re crazy enough to fund this and you’ll come back and it’s [as good as] or better than the cost of diesel, I’ll give it a try.’”


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