July 20, 2023

IntelliTrans, Nexxiot aim to give rail shippers supply chain visibility


Supply chain visibility platform IntelliTrans and rail equipment sensor provider Nexxiot are partnering to create a product aimed at providing asset-level monitoring in real time.

The product will integrate Nexxiot’s data with IntelliTrans’ platform and enable IntelliTrans’ customers to receive real-time network insights, location monitoring and other IoT-sensing data, the companies said Tuesday. Nexxiot’s data comes from rail cars that have Nexxiot’s sensors installed on them, while IntelliTrans specializes in providing supply chain visibility to bulk and break-bulk shippers.

“Our devices gather immediate insights into the status of rail assets so that shippers know what is happening within their rail freight network in real-time,” Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund said in a release. “With the IntelliTrans knowledge base and data gathering capabilities, our sensors can do more than just track assets; they can mitigate risk, improve safety, and keep customers happy.”

According to the two companies, data from Nexxiot’s sensors — the sensors monitor a rail car’s hand brakes, hatches and doors — connect to Nexxiot’s cellular gateway before going to IntelliTrans for processing and analytics. The companies also use AI to respond to customers’ shipment status queries.

“For example, by reading the sensors on brakes and hatches, we can see right away that something is happening, such as the railcar moving while the brake is engaged which can damage the wheel, helping identify issues as they occur, greatly increasing the safety of the railcar,” said IntelliTrans President Ken Sherman. “Or we can see if a hatch is open, which could lead to product quality becoming compromised or indicate that title transfer should occur from the shipper to the consignee. By knowing the hatch is open, we can better protect the car’s products, improving customer service and satisfaction.”

Nexxiot is headquartered in Zurich, while IntelliTrans is based in Atlanta. IntelliTrans is a business unit of Roper Technologies (NASDAQ: ROP).

IntelliTrans and Nexxiot’s offering comes as other tech providers are also vying to provide shippers and would-be customers with real-time rail car visibility. Massachusetts-based RailState uses sensors near the rail network’s right of way to obtain data on rail car movements, while RailPulse, a group that formed in 2020 whose members consist of several major freight railroads and rail car lessors, has been developing a platform that uses telematics technologies and GPS systems to collect information on the location and status of rail cars.

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