February 27, 2024

Isometric Technologies honors 50 transportation providers with service awards


Performance intelligence platform Isometric Technologies (ISO) announced Tuesday the winners of its third annual service excellence awards, recognizing the top 50 carriers by retailer, mileage band and region.

The ISO Excellence in Service Awards recognize the top 50 carriers based on the ISO Score, a composite performance metric comprising tender acceptance, on-time pickup and on-time delivery. Criteria for winners include having done at least 500 shipments in 2023, hauling for at least one ISO shipper (to qualify for the retail award) or earning an engagement score of greater than 0 on the ISO Scorecard.

The ISO platform compiles service data from over $18 billion in order revenue across various Fortune 1000 CPG, food and beverage shippers, evaluating more than 3,630 carriers.

Awards are categorized by region and retailer, with specific requirements for each, including minimum shipment counts and delivery locations. Mileage bands are defined to distinguish local, short-haul, regional, mid/long and long-haul carriers.

Award winners

The five top carriers by retailer are JAT of Fort Wayne for Walmart, Schneider National for Target, Tony’s Express Inc. for Costco, Buchanan Hauling and Rigging for Kroger, and C.H. Robinson for Amazon.

The five top carriers by mileage band are Tanager Logistics for local runs (0-50 miles), Universal Capacity Solutions for short haul (51-150 miles), Edge Logistics for regional runs (151-550 miles), Navajo Express for mid/long runs (551-1,000 miles), and Echo Global Logistics for long haul (1000-plus miles).

The five best carriers by region are Traffic Tech for Canada, Quickway Logistics for the Midwest, Legend Transportation for the West Coast/Southwest, DSV for the East Coast and Uber Freight for the Southeast.

The entire list of winners can be found here.

Also noted in the awards release:

  • Regional scores, in ascending order, are 75.41 for the West Coast/Southwest, 79.33 for the Midwest, 79.47 for the Northeast, 79.51 for the Southeast and 81.76 for Canada.
  • Average tender acceptance fell from 91.66% in Q1 2023 to 87.65% in Q4 2023.

ISO aims to pioneer benchmarking solutions for the freight industry, focusing on service quality assessment. Its platform empowers data-driven decision-making to enhance operational efficiency for shippers and brokers.

“We’ve made several strategic investments and will continue to forge and nurture partnerships to deliver standardized performance measurement and benchmarking to the industry …,” Brian Cristol, co-founder and CEO of ISO, said in the release. “Through initiatives like the ISO ‘Excellence in Service’ Awards, we aim to inspire the adoption of these standards, setting the stage for a future where every player in our global supply chain has a service reliability score, akin to a FICO for Freight.”

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