August 21, 2023

Isuzu recalls 19,479 trucks for ignition switch fuse corrosion


Isuzu Motors Ltd. is recalling 19,479 medium-duty trucks, including its most popular U.S. model and several branded as Chevrolets, because water intrusion into the ignition switch can lead to stalling and failure to start the vehicles.

All 2023-2024 Isuzu/Chevrolet LCF 3500 HG; LCF 4500 HG; 2024 Isuzu/Chevrolet LCF 5500 HG and XG; and 2023-2024 Isuzu N-Series trucks built from April 2022 through July 12, 2023 are part of the recall. Isuzu estimates 100% of the trucks will experience the issue.

Isuzu told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it is unaware of any crashes, property damage claims, injuries or deaths associated with the issue.

The chassis harnesses for the trucks use an incorrectly sized wire seal for the two externally mounted engine ignition coil pack fuse holders. That allowed water intrusion into the fuse holders, leading to eventual corrosion and/or failure of the fuses. 

Misfires, shaking and fuel smell

Drivers will see a steady check engine light; experience misfires, shaking or excessive vibration; and smell fuel from the exhaust. The trucks can stall and be hard to restart or operate at about 5 mph. Power steering and brake assist will still operate.

Dealers will replace both engine ignition coil pack fuse holder assemblies with the revised coil pack fuse holders free of charge. Unsold vehicles will have a silicone sealant applied to the rear of the existing fuse holders.

Vehicles produced on or after July 12 have silicone applied to the rear of the fuse holders to prevent water intrusion. A revised harness is planned for future production.

Isuzu does not have parts for the fix, so customers will get an interim letter on Sept. 29 informing them of the recall. Isuzu and Chevrolet will send follow-up letters when parts are available. Dealers were informed of the recall on Aug. 11.

The NHTSA recall number is 25V-564.

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