February 28, 2024

Mexico offers attractive alternative for manufacturers exiting China


After experiencing serious port inefficiencies, long coronavirus-related shutdowns and an increasing loss of labor in China, a broad range of manufacturers have committed to moving their facilities away from the country. Many of these companies hope to bring their factories closer to their U.S.-based end consumers, reducing supply chain friction. 

The right combination of proximity and price makes Mexico an attractive choice for these manufacturers. As companies begin their nearshoring efforts, they will need to develop strong relationships with the right cross-border partners to ensure success.

Tri-National has positioned itself to be that partner, boasting over 30 years of nearshoring experience. The company offers multiple Texas border crossing options and provides door-to-door service to and from Mexico without transloading. This allows freight to remain on the same GPS-enabled trailer from origin to destination, saving shippers a significant amount of time, money and frustration.

TNi’s offerings don’t stop there. The company offers warehousing, cross docking, transloading and inventory management in the South Texas area.

“TNi provides short- and long-term storage solutions via our large consolidation and warehousing facility in Laredo,” TNi Director of Corporate Business Development and Logistics Brad Colvin said. “For import or export, we have warehouse space and the manpower to seamlessly cross dock and transload.”

TNi Laredo offers quick access to both the World Trade and Colombia-Solidarity bridges. Additionally, warehousing and consolidation options are available via Tri-National’s Pharr/McAllen facility.

The company’s expansive presence and wide range of offerings — coupled with decades of experience — set it apart from its competitors. Colvin encouraged shippers to look into any potential partner’s expertise before jumping into an agreement.

“Our recommendation is to seek out a shipping partner that has the infrastructure, personnel and expertise to successfully navigate cross-border/nearshoring challenges,” Colvin said. “Flexibility is also a key component. Our facility footprint and our 100% asset fleet affords us the ability to meet the ever-changing needs of production schedules and customer demand.”

Choosing the right — or wrong — cross-border partner has the power to impact virtually every aspect of a manufacturer’s journey into Mexico. While the right partner can make navigating a new work culture and handling customs feel like a breeze, the wrong partner may fail to prepare companies for critical differences between their current and future circumstances, leading to lost revenue and increased red tape.

Demand for cross-border and nearshoring services is growing rapidly. TNi is confident in its ability to continue meeting customers exactly where they are during this influx. 

“Tri-National operates 24/7, 365 days a year,” Colvin said. “We are growing our staffing to keep our services continuously operating without interruption.”

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