September 29, 2023

Please Advise Summit II; how to wrap a semi; CSA score audits – WTT


On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is hosting Please Advise Summit II with a collection of some of the greatest minds in freight. They’re breaking down the hottest headlines of the week; violence at UAW strikes; hangover cures; robot lumpers; if tracksuits help you book more loads and more. Reed Loustalot, Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski, Stephen Schlecht, and TJ O’Doan make up the panel.

Ever see a beautiful semi rolling down the road and wonder how that incredible wrap got on it? We’re going to learn the art of wrapping a semi truck from Total Truck Branding’s Mario Lekovic.

What’s the methodology behind CSA scores and how do audits work? Fleetworthy Solutions’ Robert Proctor goes beyond compliance as he breaks down everything we need to know about CSA scores. 

Calvin Aplin, a logistics manager at US Army talks about military logistics and talks about why he is eyeing a transition to civilian logistics.

Plus, BNSF layoffs; emotional support alligators; hangover cures; sending an F1 car to Vegas; and Facebook’s new glasses.

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