September 21, 2023

Prologis looks to lead on commercial EV charging infrastructure


This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon Summit on Thursday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Empowering Electric Futures: Navigating Challenges in Scaling Commerical Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

DETAILS: Henrik Holland, the global head of electric vehicle charging at Prologis, provides insight into strategic placement, sustainability integration, user experience and regulatory advocacy in the expansion of commercial EV charging networks, offering a holistic approach to the evolving landscape.


“We actually think about every one of our locations as being a node in our charging network, augmented with the charging hubs that we’re building today. I think that’s going to become a much more open network not just for our customers, but for the third parties that visit these locations.”

“One of the key requests that we hear from our customers is an ability to reduce charging times, and that requires both improvement of vehicle technology as well as charging technology. It also means that there are not only going to be more nodes, but the power needs of those nodes are going to become higher. So the opportunity for utilities and power providers to keep up with that demand is going to be quite significant.”

“[Charging infrastructure is] an engineering, a planning, a permitting and development problem. It’s not a fundamental science problem. What we really need to see in this space, to get to a higher degree of benefit [from EVs], is to see vehicle costs come down and battery technology needs to improve. That’s fundamental science. … I have no doubt we’re going to get to cost parity even in the heavy-duty space in the near term. But on the infrastructure side, it is very much an engineering problem, and being an electrical engineer, that’s something that we can work with.”

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