September 23, 2023

Running on Ice: Shippers get cleaner


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All thawed out 

(Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

What’s more than OK? It’s shippers taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. California-based produce distributor OK Produce has completed the first step in electrification with 10 Freightliner EV trucks and three Orange EV yard tractors. The company is planning to start phase 2 in early 2024, with the majority of its focus on its fleet as that is the source for the greatest environmental impact. 

In a Fleet Owner article, OK Produce CEO Brady Matoian said, “Since 2001 when the company launched its sustainability program, OK Produce has made a comprehensive commitment to the environment including the installation of 4.5 megawatts of solar power featuring over 12,000 PV panels.” 

Temperature Checks

(Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

The Philadelphia International Airport is welcoming a new addition, a 261,000-square-foot climate-controlled cargo facility. This comes as a part of the airport’s plans to increase cargo operations, which is anticipated to generate $1 billion a year in regional economic impact. The new building will house pharmaceutical items, food and electronics. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Jim Tyrell, the airport’s chief revenue officer, as saying, “The expansion of PHL’s cargo business comes after a 2017 report by the airport showed that a 400-mile radius around the airport was generating $53 billion a year in air cargo activity. PHL was making 9% of that and losing business to other airports in nearby states. Philadelphia hadn’t had the capacity to take on the work.”

Food and drugs

(Photo: Nissin Foods) 

Cup Noodles, the food that has been carrying the weight of lunchtime for far too long, has been caught up in the Oktoberfest spirit. The instant ramen in a cup has paired its Cup Noodles Stir Fry and Cup Noodles Stir Fry Rice with Noodles product lines with craft beer selections. Nothing has changed about the recipes, there’s just some new suggestions for optimum enjoyment of the classic noodles. For those not wanting to craft this experience at home, there will be Noodle Bar pop-ups in LA and Dallas Sept. 30 with the perfect pairings offered. 

The perfect pairing for an Oktoberfest lager reportedly is the Sweet Chili stir fry Cup Noodle. The Noodles + Brews Pairing Guide even has proposed beer options that can be picked up alongside the noodles in the grocery store. I look forward to hearing which pairing is the best. As a fan of darker lagers, I am looking forward to the Teriyaki beef and dark ale pairing. Worry not if pickings are slim at your grocery store; online ordering for the noodles is available on Nissin Foods’ website

Cold chain lanes


It’s a great time to be a reefer carrier in the Pacific Northwest. Apples are being harvested, potatoes are on the move and outbound tender rejection rates are at 42.75%, which signals extraordinarily high spot rates. To say there’s significant demand is a bit of an understatement. Even in the peak of pandemic rates, outbound rejections never hit this height. Outbound tender columns are up 68% week over week. Seeing as how this is the beginning of the produce season up north, rates will stay elevated for a few weeks before coming back to normal levels. That being said, traditional reefer freight, not related to produce, should expect to see some service interruptions in this area. 

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Shelf life

Darden provides 10 reefer trucks to Feeding America 

Develop Cold Chain Logistics to Build Immunity Barriers 

UPS acquires healthcare logistics unit of Transports Chabas Santé

Kenya turns to solar-powered cold storage to cut down on food waste

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