September 22, 2023

Sheer Logistics emissions dashboards aims to advance sustainable supply chains


Logistics is often a target when it comes to conversations about carbon because the transportation sector has been pointed to as one of the larger contributors to climate change. 

Sheer Logistics is focused on helping shippers reduce their carbon footprints through technology. The company is a provider of managed transportation services, transportation management system technology, integration platform-as-a-service and value-based logistics solutions for midmarket companies. 

Sheer Logistics showed off some of the latest capabilities of its scope 3 CO2 emissions dashboards during FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon Summit on Thursday.

The Chesterfield, Missouri-based firm recently launched the ability to customize environmental, social and governance dashboards on its platform, helping shippers track and measure their CO2 emissions in real time across all modes of transportation in their supply chains.

“Our CO2 emissions dashboards provide businesses with a significant tangible step towards meeting their CO2 emissions reductions by providing full visibility,” said Rob Cook, chief technology officer at Sheer Logistics.

The company’s CO2 emissions dashboards are powered by Sheer Exchange, a proprietary integration platform as a service. 

“Through Sheer Exchange we can quickly easily capture all of your transportation and shipment data,” Cook said. “Sheer Exchange can aggregate data from truckload, less-than-truckload, flatbed, rail, ocean, air and small parcel.”

Cook said the scope 3 CO2 dashboards on Sheer Exchange bring various information and systems together to report emissions data, as well as apply globally recognized emission standards to the transportation data aggregated to accurately calculate CO2 emissions.

“Shippers can use the data to make decarbonization decisions to have the greatest impact to help them reach their goals,” Cook said. “If you have the data, we can aggregate it, cleanse it, normalize and report on it. This gives you the ability to obtain granular insights to where you want to focus your decarbonization efforts.”

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