July 20, 2023

Small changes on the road can yield big health improvements


This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Enterprise Fleet Summit on Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Unleashing the power of fitness in the trucking industry.

DETAILS: Dr. Mark Manera launched Supply Chain Fitness after years of working with professional drivers in a physical therapy clinic. He explains the ways drivers can improve their over-the-road lifestyles.


On the need to address health concerns in the supply chain: “Truck drivers have a life expectancy 16 years less than the average population. … No one was really coming in and building specifically around this unique lifestyle that anyone in the transportation supply chain world has.”

On the big impacts of small changes: “There’s so many small changes that do not change the day-to-day life that you live out on the road that you can make that can make huge outcome changes to your health if you do it on a consistent basis.”

It’s not just physical: “The bigger aspect is the mental drain. You’re on for 11 hours a day of crazy cars cutting you off, trying to figure out directions … dealing with the shippers and receivers.”

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