August 23, 2023

SONAR now offers customizable rate outputs


FreightWaves SONAR is the data engine that powers the most trusted source of news and information in the supply chain world. As the transportation industry evolves and changes, SONAR innovates to empower users to operate at peak performance. The newest release is the first in a chain of large improvements to expedite rate management and remove guesswork. 

This week’s release adds in the ability for users to customize outputs based on rate per mile versus flat rates and to quickly retrieve 90-day moving averages for contract rates. This comes in advance of several large data projects designed to simplify day-to-day decision-making and optimize tactical pricing.

But what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

FreightWaves SONAR is uniquely positioned in the market to remain a transparent intermediary for all players in the supply chain space. As we face the bottom of the current market cycle and begin guessing about the characteristics of the future freight economy, it is critical to have the most accurate and up-to-date information to make actionable decisions and maintain strong relationships. By leveraging more than $200 billion in annual truckload data, along with more than $1 trillion in global transportation data across 300,000 data points and charts, transportation leaders are able to gain the clearest picture at both the ground level and 30,000 feet.

Modern supply chains have to move away from rigid pricing structures with outdated processes backed by insufficient data. That is why FreightWaves SONAR is building high-frequency channels to create resiliency and flexibility for everyone. 

What’s next for SONAR?

As we look forward to the F3: Future of Freight Festival in November, exciting announcements are piling up from the SONAR product team. Customers will love new designs, prescriptive rate functionality and strengthened pricing across modes and regions. Sign up today to be a part of the exciting event in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Stay tuned here for more information.

More than 500 of the world’s largest shippers and logistics companies trust FreightWaves to create sustainable supply chains. While the market has reached an apparent floor, now is the time to make technological changes to strengthen your supply chain for the future. Connect with us today to find out how SONAR does more than just provide the most accurate calls on the coming freight market.


The second annual F3: Future of Freight Festival will be held in Chattanooga, “The Scenic City,” this November. F3 combines innovation and entertainment — featuring live demos, industry experts discussing freight market trends for 2024, afternoon networking events, and Grammy Award-winning musicians performing in the evenings amidst the cool Appalachian fall weather.

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