February 29, 2024

SONAR update helps users identify areas of risk and opportunity


The FreightWaves SONAR team has announced a new iteration to its Lane Scores feature to ensure it provides the most reliable data source for the supply chain world. FreightWaves SONAR is the leader in freight market intelligence, and Lane Scores are a critical indicator of market trends when comparing corridors, helping users identify areas of risk, opportunity and priority. 

A data partner like no other

FreightWaves SONAR is uniquely positioned as a transparent intermediary among all players in the supply chain world, partnering most frequently with transportation technology companies to deliver unbiased data across this space. No freight company spends more time and energy investing in fine-tuning and improving data, nor can any organization compare in terms of the volume and timeliness of FreightWaves SONAR data. That is why more than 500 of the world’s leading brands choose FreightWaves SONAR as their source of truth for managing supply chain operations.

An accurate Lane Score helps transportation teams educate users, regardless of position, around lane volatility and challenges. While companies can get a rate from a variety of places, Lane Scores create an additional indicator for faster and stronger decision-making.

At FreightWaves SONAR, we believe that complexity is the enemy of execution. While there are more than 300,000 unique data deliverables based on $200 billion in annual domestic truckload data and $1 trillion in ocean data (in addition to rail, air and energy), FreightWaves SONAR has applications that are simple and easy to use. This empowers users with the most educated, real-time decision-making capabilities. The data is available in simple dashboards, more complex bulk analysis or via API to guarantee delivery of the right information to the right people in the right place and at the right time.

Did we mention constant iteration?

Updates to Lane Scores come along with several enhancements to FreightWaves SONAR’s benchmarking and analysis tools, SCI (Supply Chain Intelligence) and Market Dashboard+. Speed, accuracy and guidance are the name of the game as companies look to make incremental improvements to navigate shifting markets. Finding pennies per mile can make a big difference when managing millions in freight spend. Doing it with optimal compliance is the next step.

The news only gets better from here. You can expect to hear about more impactful releases very soon from the FreightWaves SONAR product team. If you’re curious to hear more about FreightWaves SONAR or what’s coming, you should reach out. Contact [email protected] to schedule time to talk with one of our experts.


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