October 11, 2023

Survey Results: AGVs & AMRs – Read Now


11th October 2023

Logistics BusinessSurvey Results: AGVs & AMRs – Read Now

Logistics Business conducted a reader survey with BlueBotics on the usage of automated vehicles in the warehouse. The survey results have now been published and are available to read or download here.

The exclusive survey focused on AGVs, AMRs and automated forklifts, covering usage, navigation technology, tasks, challenges and purchasing.

Mobile robots and automation are transforming the way businesses operate by offering increased efficiency, cost savings and improved safety. But what are the potential opportunities and challenges associated with these technologies? And, what might happen next?

Survey Results

In this free report, we take an in-depth look at the current and future state of automated vehicles, covering topics such as:

A snapshot of the mobile robotics landscape today: why mobile robots are being adopted, and which vehicles are in use today; what goes into choosing the form factor of vehicles, and future fleet expansion; criteria when choosing an automated vehicle supplier, and defining what the vehicles will interact with on-site; key challenges when adopting automated vehicles – and how they’re paid for; defining the success of an automated vehicle programme.

We hope you find it useful and will be bringing you further surveys in future.


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