May 15, 2023

Sustainable Electric Solutions in the Spotlight


New automation, efficiency and sustainability needs have emerged in recent years, prompting industry players to embrace innovation in order to boost their speed, precision and productivity while reducing costs and inefficiencies. In this context, latest-generation technological solutions are the new protagonists of warehouse operations, aiming, on the one hand, to reduce the environmental impact of logistics processes and operating costs and, on the other, to speed up the handling of goods, optimising movements in order to manage large volumes in shorter times.
Logimat was the perfect opportunity for Bonfiglioli to share the expertise and know-how capitalised in over 60 years of business with customers and to present its solutions for forklifts, warehousing trucks and automated storage.

More specifically, the 600F Series featuring high-efficiency planetary gears and drives with integrated electric motors for premium performance was on display in the forklift area. The 610 x3E model in particular, designed for machines capable of moving up to 16 tons on the fork, positions the company as a specialist on the market for large electric machines.

As regards warehousing trucks, the EL09 steerable powertrain for pallet trucks, stackers and reach trucks displayed ensures minimal noise and high manoeuvrability in tight spaces, thanks to a multifunction unit for the complete control of acceleration, steering and braking. In terms of production, the company has invested in a highly automated assembly line that guarantees high quality and process repeatability, with a takt time of 4 minutes. These solutions can be fully customised to meet manufacturer requirements. In the same area, BlueRoll completes the range that makes Bonfiglioli a full line supplier for intralogistics vehicles. This new platform of performing wheel-mounted gearmotors for AGVs and AMRs has an ultra-compact and energy-efficient design for a long operating cycle. The modular drive system comes in three configurations – Basic, Advanced and Compact – with a customisable single gearbox load ranging from 360 to 120 kg and a maximum speed of 2m/s.

Finally, Bonfiglioli showcased two solutions complete with gearbox, motor and inverter. The first solution, perfect for post & parcel use and airport baggage handling systems, consists of: a compact right-angle gear unit (A) available in a wide torque range, an IE4 certified synchronous reluctance motor (BSR), which guarantees an ecological and high-performance solution thanks to the absence of magnets, and the DGM MPM decentralised inverter with sensorless vector control operation for optimal dynamics control.

The second solution, designed for roller conveyors, includes the EVOX CP, a helical in-line gearbox with a smooth surface that can be fitted to any machine thanks to its compatibility with market standards, the MXN asynchronous low voltage e-motor (IE3) developed to be modular, reliable, energy-efficient and internationally certified, and a DGM MPM sensorless inverter.

Bonfiglioli designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of gearmotors, electric motors, planetary gearboxes and inverters, capable of satisfying the most complex needs in the industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energy sectors. The Group offers complete solutions that serve more industries and applications than any other gearbox manufacturer and is the market leader in many areas; the three Business Units, Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries, Motion & Robotics and Mobility & Wind Industries, express all the experience and skills acquired over the years in their respective fields of expertise. Founded in 1956, Bonfiglioli operates in 80 countries with 26 commercial sites, 20 production sites, an extensive distribution network that includes over 550 partners, and can count on over 4,700 professionals worldwide. Excellence, innovation and sustainability are the drivers that guide Bonfiglioli’s growth as a company and as a team and represent the guarantee of the quality of the products and services offered to its customers.


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