March 1, 2024

Tenstreet offers modern tech solutions tailored to private fleets


Most technological solutions in trucking focus on improving some aspect of the for-hire fleet experience. Despite often being left out of the conversation, private fleets face a unique set of challenges that can often be addressed by different applications of the same solutions.

When software providers do not cater to private fleets, both the provider and the carrier suffer. To truly provide value to these companies, third-party partners must understand their differing priorities.  For example, private fleets have significant differences in operational structures, often placing an outsize emphasis on operational efficiency and customer service. 

Private fleets place such a high value on efficiency and service due, in large part, to their position as in-house transportation providers and brand representatives for their own organizations.

“Unlike for-hire carriers serving many clients, private fleets are almost exclusively dedicated to meeting the transportation demands of their parent company. As a result, their primary focus is in optimizing transportation operations to guarantee timely and cost-effective delivery of goods,” according to Joe Franco, director of strategic sales at Tenstreet, who has worked with dozens of private fleets to create optimal processes.

This focus on cost-effective delivery often extends to creating and maintaining strategies to manage fuel, maintenance, and driver compensation within the framework of the organization’s profitability and financial goals.

“In contrast to for-hire carriers, private fleets have direct oversight and control over their drivers, equipment, and routes,” Franco explained. “This level of control allows them to pivot their operations to meet business needs in real-time, adapt to market changes, and maintain a competitive edge.”

Due to the high level of control and responsibility private fleets exercise when managing their operations, compliance and risk management are often top of mind for decision-makers.

“Private fleets prioritize investments in training programs, safety initiatives, and technological solutions to achieve driver compliance, minimize accidents, and fleet well-being” Franco highlighted. “Given their typically larger scale, they face heightened scrutiny compared to some for-hire carriers.”

Due to their unique business models, private fleets also face different challenges than their for-hire counterparts, including:

  • Disjointed systems and lack of integration
  • Limited collaboration and information sharing
  • Heightened competition and aging demographics
  • Longer hiring cycles and approval processes

Most of these issues tie into a common struggle among private fleets: disconnection. 

“Private fleets often encounter hurdles in finding solutions that enable collaboration and visibility among their various locations. Lack of communication and shared best practices can impede fleet scalability and growth,” Franco said. “Drawing from my experience working with numerous private fleets, it’s a common refrain that, regardless of industry segment, these fleets share similar pain points. Collaboration and visibility among different locations consistently emerge as major challenges.”

While Tenstreet is known for the plethora of solutions it offers for-hire carriers, private fleets can also leverage Tenstreet’s comprehensive suite of driver management solutions.

FMCSA compliance

Tenstreet offers specialized tools and features designed to help private fleets navigate complex Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and compliance requirements. From managing driver qualifications and certifications to ensuring adherence to FMCSA regulations, Tenstreet helps private fleets mitigate compliance risks.

Efficient recruitment and onboarding

Tenstreet streamlines the recruitment and onboarding processes, allowing private fleets to attract and onboard qualified drivers quickly and efficiently. With features like IntelliApp, which accelerates the application process, and Driver Pulse, which moves onboarding online to get drivers in trucks faster, Tenstreet helps private fleets reduce time-to-hire without sacrificing the quality of hires.

Post-hire solutions 

Tenstreet also offers post-hire solutions aimed at enhancing driver management and safety. These solutions include safety and accountability monitoring, events management for tracking violations and incidents, and driver report cards that provide insights into driver performance and behavior. These tools help private fleets reduce accidents, lower insurance premiums, and maintain a high level of safety and efficiency.

Advanced safety features

Tenstreet’s platform includes advanced safety features such as driver qualification file management, fuel efficiency monitoring, and GPS navigation route tracking and sharing. These features enable private fleets to optimize fuel usage, track driver routes in real-time, and identify areas for improvement in operational efficiency and safety.

In addition to the company’s existing suite of solutions, Tenstreet plans to launch AI automation and recruiter messaging tools to streamline communication with drivers and automate routine tasks.

By automating repetitive processes and enabling proactive communication with drivers, private fleets will be able to improve efficiency, enhance driver engagement, and maintain a positive driver experience.

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