February 15, 2024

The secret ingredient for near century of transportation success


Transportation and logistics provider Ruan Transportation Management Systems is taking its decades-long commitment to safety into the future with driver-focused technology.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the family-owned company was started in 1932 by its first driver, John Ruan. Now on the cusp of its 100th anniversary, Ruan has grown into a 4,000 plus truck fleet offering Dedicated Contract Transportation, Managed Transportation, Value-Added Warehousing, and Brokerage Support Services across the supply chain.

Blake Grolmus, vice president of safety at Ruan, said the company set the tone for a future entrenched in safety. Fast forward to today and two of Ruan’s five Guiding Principles spotlight a “people first” and “safety focused” mindset — both of which should walk in tandem together throughout daily operations.

Ruan thoroughly vets new hires to ensure they inherently prioritize safety, then equips them with uniforms, protective gear and robust training on driving and safety procedures through their Megasafe program. Employees even take a safety pledge when they join the Ruan family.

“All of our safety programs are designed with our people in mind so that every one of our drivers, every one of our warehouse associates, every technician in our shop — they all get back home to their loved ones at the end of the day in the same condition that they left the house in,” Grolmus said. “Maybe with just a little more dirt on their boots and a little more money in their pocket, but that’s really our goal.”

While culture and principles establish a foundation, Grolmus shared that technology plays a large role in executing modern safety landscapes. 

Ruan tractors offer automated features like collision avoidance and blind spot awareness to provide an extra layer of protection. And four years ago, the fleet rolled out smart drive cameras, both inward and outward facing, to achieve broader visibility into road risks. 

The footage allows managers an unprecedented opportunity to “see the game film” — the opportunity to see the challenges that drivers are up against on the roadways each and every day and coach them accordingly. Drivers can also document delivery site hurdles in real-time via the cameras to resolve access problems.

Ultimately, the goal is using the reams of safety data captured to enhance training, exonerate drivers, boost recognition and optimize routes, Grolmus emphasized.

Exceptional service means providing customers with access to safe, skilled drivers focused on representing client brands with care and expertise. Ruan invites customers right into the safety conversation through ride-alongs and safety forum participation.

By reducing crashes and hazards on the road, safety directly translates to consistency, cost savings and polished public reputations. 

“Having that strong focus on safety is inevitably going to lead to lower costs and expenses,” Grolmus said.

As Ruan celebrates 92 years delivering goods this year, it is clear that safety remains not just a priority, but a way of life. The transportation and logistics trailblazer continues to demonstrate how team commitment paired with the right tools can equip drivers to manage even the most dangerous work environment day in and day out.

With legacy and innovation walking hand in hand into the future, Ruan is protecting people first while ensuring the customer always comes out ahead — a win-win for all.


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