March 8, 2024

TMS tech needs greater functionality to empower brokerages


This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ 3PL Summit on Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Future of Freight Brokerage Software

DETAILS: Walter Mitchell, CEO of Tai Software talks about recent developments and innovations impacting freight broker software. He dives into how automation and AI are changing operations and workflows while removing needless manual tasks.


“Today, as technology has evolved, we’re kind of in the second phase of TMS. The first phase [just having a TMS] was great. But now we’re in the second phase where we need a TMS that really helps our operations team and our accounting operations team do their job really well.”

“A lot of tech companies, including FreightTech companies, want to leverage AI. But in context, there’s a lot of things AI needs to do for it to be able to do its thing. … You have to get the table prepared before you can just tap below it for dinner. We’re looking at things AI can do really well now and then things that we’re working on to let it do better in some of these features for brokers.”

“What we’re seeing today and what we’re doing at Tai is taking AI and adding it to the workflows, like what we’ve done with the SONAR product where we’ve taken the SONAR product and integrated it in context to the world around what the freight broker is doing every single day.”

“I think right now the bleeding edge with AI is around email integration, especially for the freight brokers. And, that email integration includes things like… pulling in documents and creating shipments from them, attaching emails to shipments so that you’re providing that full context around what you’re doing as a freight broker. I think that’s what we’re going to see the most movement on in 2024, as well as helping automate things like check calls and so forth.”


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