August 11, 2023

Truth and lies in autonomy, NASCAR’s trucker appreciation and fuel economics – WTT


On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to The Road to Autonomy’s Grayson Brulte about the good, bad and ugly in autonomous vehicles.

Relay Payments partners with NASCAR on driver appreciation week at its Haul of Fame. David Barak gets us up to speed on the sponsorship and tells us why Relay Payments is honoring drivers a quarter mile at a time.

Wholesale diesel prices are up 27% from their one-year lows back in June of this year, so we’re finding out how Hell Bent Xpress’ Jamie Hagen is staying above water by being smart with fuel. He’ll give us a crash course in being an owner-operator, managing fuel and knowing your costs.

Fires in Maui have caused devastating losses, including more than 35 human lives. SeaWide Express’ Monica Thornton lets us know what’s going on over on the islands, how it is impacting freight and if any relief is being organized. 

Plus, a day in the life of auto transport; your first headset; building a beer tap; and semi-trucking cats. 

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