July 25, 2023

Uniforms can protect drivers from dangers of extreme weather


In the transportation industry, it is common to read about the impact that extreme weather has on the freight market as a whole — from miles of truckers backed up due to heavy ice to truckers kept at bay by torrential rain from hurricanes.

One thing that was often overlooked until recent years is the effect of these conditions on the truck driver. We talk about a driver’s health from a diet and exercise perspective, but we gloss over the everyday conditions that a driver encounters, whether behind the wheel or on foot making a delivery.

But the impacts of poor weather conditions on drivers can range from minimal to detrimental in terms of both health and safety hazards.

Extreme heat, for example, can prove particularly dangerous. It is not uncommon for delivery trucks to lack climate control, resulting in rapidly climbing temperatures inside the trucks during the heat of the day. Just last summer, package truck drivers took to social media to showcase temperatures over 120 degrees in their cabs. Those temperatures are even higher in the backs of trucks due to a lack of ventilation.

While these vehicles make frequent stops, drop-offs often require drivers to lift heavy packages and carry them to consumers’ doorsteps or transport them to business delivery areas — which can involve multiple flights of stairs or similar physical effort — in the heat of the outdoors.

Weather-appropriate uniforms can be a game-changer when it comes to combating issues like extreme heat, creating a safer, more comfortable work environment for drivers and other transportation industry workers.

Red Kap, a leading uniform manufacturer for large teams, offers workwear designed for all kinds of extreme weather. That includes a line of tops and bottoms made for truck drivers that create extra mobility and breathability suited for the heat waves currently sweeping the nation.

“Uniforms provide added protection, but more than that, they instill a sense of personal safety and confidence that the individual feels when experiencing those types of situations,” said Brent Freeman, Red Kap’s marketing manager. “If I’m able to effectively do my job safely in a multitude of weather conditions, then I feel more confident and cared for by my employer, who has given me the tools to succeed.”

When employers put forth the effort to provide workers with weather-appropriate, high-quality garments for every season, it creates a sense of team camaraderie while making employees feel seen and valued.

With Red Kap’s offerings, companies can easily find the necessary gear to keep drivers safe and comfortable year-round. For example, Red Kap provides moisture-wicking, ventilating and lightweight clothing like the Pro Airflow Work Shirt, ideal for warmer conditions. Their Pro Shorts/Pants with MIMIX™  support comfortable movement, and they also have water-repellent wind-resistant and high-visibility jackets great for rain, snow and low-visibility environments.

In addition to providing protection from the weather, uniforms are a positive and effective way to support team image and company connection both internally and externally with customers, while also providing benefits to the individual employee.

This ultimately benefits employers in a couple of ways. For one, customers and industry partners are able to easily recognize their teams, making them more likely to form positive associations and remember excellent service. This leads to repeat business.

Additionally, attractive and functional uniforms boost employee confidence and morale, leading to stronger work ethics, happier workers and, ultimately, less turnover. In an industry characterized by high turnover rates, this benefit is key.

In order to provide optimal uniforms for their team members, companies should do their homework on potential providers to make sure their requirements will be met.

Red Kap is celebrating 100 years of experience delivering for ever-changing uniform needs. Its experts spend hours in the field working with teams and wearers to drive meaningful uniform solutions with innovative technologies such as OilBlok and MIMIX™ that revolutionize uniform performance.

“We have a dedicated team of expert uniform consultants, over 5,000 distributor partners, and both products and customer service that is unmatched in the industry,” Freeman said. “Our goal is to be your strategic uniform solution partner in order to make your job easier and your team happier.” 

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