October 7, 2023

Upcoming Broker-Carrier Summit looks to shake up industry norms

Logistics is often referred to as a “relationship business,” implying that solid partnerships between all the players are necessary to keep freight moving. Typically, however, relationships between brokers and carriers are created and maintained over the phone, with the majority of those calls revolving around rates. 

While phone calls can open up lines of communication, their effectiveness at creating well-rounded, nuanced connections is limited. This is especially true when conversations revolve solely around the details of doing business.

Co-founder of Linkage Logistics, Dan Lindsey, wasn’t satisfied with these surface-level relationships. In response, he created the Broker-Carrier Summit to provide brokers and carriers with an opportunity to come together in person and connect with each other in new ways. 

“Brokers and carriers have a tense relationship, and have had so for a long time,” Lindsey said, “I didn’t really see anyone creating an environment for the two sides to come together, so we decided to do it ourselves.”

Historically, lackluster partnerships between brokers and carriers do more than create animosity between partners. They also prevent every member of the supply chain from operating as effectively as possible. The Broker-Carrier Summit aims to help the industry operate more smoothly by bringing players together in one place.

“The goal is not to just have another event. It is to enact change in the industry and create a higher quality business environment for everyone,” Lindsey said.

This year’s Broker-Carrier Summit will be held in Tampa, Florida; the event is scheduled to take place Oct. 11-13. The agenda is designed to expand the ways both brokers and carriers understand — and partner with — each other. 

Speakers at the event will include CDL 1000 Director of Client Engagement Robert Bain Integrity Global Logistics CEO Melanie Patterson, Newtrul CEO Ed Stockman and more. 

During the event, carriers will learn how to best interact with brokers. Brokers, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to learn more about how carriers operate. By increasing understanding, Lindsey hopes to decrease the rampant vilification of the “other side.”

The summit doesn’t stop at providing education, however. BETA Consulting Group Founder and CEO Trey Griggs has teamed up with Lindsey to make this year’s event shine. In that vein, Griggs has promised relationship-building opportunities in the form of group activities and a few shenanigans. 

For example, if the Broker-Carrier Summit reaches 300 registered attendees, Griggs has agreed to let a randomly selected attendee shave his faux hawk. 

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