February 18, 2024

Weber Logistics’ Top 3 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2023


As we bid farewell to another eventful year in the logistics industry, we take a moment to reflect on the content that resonated most with our readers. In 2023, our blog covered a wide range of supply chain topics, but these three articles garnered the most attention.


1. What California’s AB5 Law Means for the Trucking Industry

Understanding the Impact of AB5 on Trucking

Top-3-articles-2023Our most-read article of the year delves into the intricacies of California’s AB5 law and its implications for the trucking industry. As AB5 continues to shape the employment landscape, this article helps readers understand exactly what the AB5 law is, while addressing concerns and offering guidance for businesses navigating these regulatory waters.


2. Hazardous Material Storage FAQ

Navigating the Complexities of Hazardous Material Storage

In the second spot, our FAQ on hazardous material storage tackles common questions and concerns related to warehouse storage of hazardous materials. As safety and compliance remain top priorities in the logistics sector, this article breaks down the key details – from regulatory requirements to best practices.


3. West Coast Port Labor Contract Brings Renewed Optimism

A Positive Outlook on West Coast Port Labor Contracts

Rounding out the top three is our coverage of the West Coast port labor contract negotiations, which brought some good news to the supply chain industry after protracted labor talks. The article examines the implications of the new contract for supply chain stability and efficiency (though, of course, we’re now closely following the negotiations on the East Coast).

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