September 14, 2023

White Paper: Fragmented Pallet Procurement Process Becomes a Thing of the Past

Pallets are an important — but often overlooked — element of moving freight. Before products can reach shelves, or even trucks, pallets are required. While freight shipping depends heavily upon pallets, unlike other aspects of the industry, which have benefited from a yearslong technological revolution, pallet procurement has not been the focus of innovative updates or visibility efforts until recently.

This lack of attention has kept the pallet industry fragmented and procurement methods stagnant, making it difficult for both buyers and sellers to create efficient supply chains. PalletTrader is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace that connects pallet buyers and pallet sellers, making it easier than ever to optimize the procurement process. The company teamed up with FreightWaves to better understand how companies of all sizes currently handle pallet procurement and identify existing optimization opportunities.

FreightWaves surveyed shippers and 3PLs working across a variety of sectors about their pallet usage, including procurement habits, challenges and perceptions surrounding sustainability efforts in the space.

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