July 13, 2023

White Paper: How a safer fleet delivers a stronger bottom line


Safety, costs, and customers. When fleets can balance all three, they unlock opportunities to grow and profit. Today’s fleet operators and managers are achieving this perfect balance by using powerful technologies. Modern tools offer more data about vehicle activity and driver behavior than ever before—revealing opportunities to improve and save across the organization. This eBook explains more, including:

  • How video telematics helps create safer drivers and organizations. Know what’s happening in the field at any time and strengthen safety with accountability.
  • How video, fuel reporting, and speed management technologies helps reduce costs. From risky behaviors and false claims to fuel waste, you have the information to effectively combat all of it to save more money.
  • How a safer, more productive fleet can increase vehicle uptime to drive customer loyalty. Make fast, smart decisions that keep current customers happy and win new ones.
  • How these technologies helped organizations achieve measurable results. Read examples of real-world use cases.

“With video, we can coach our drivers to address those driving behaviors that lead to collisions while reducing our fuel expenses.”
– Alan Viterbi, CEO, Liquid Environmental Solutions

At Lytx®, we harness the power of data to change human behavior and help good companies become even better.

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