February 16, 2024

Why Matt Silver won’t be buying Coyote; nearshoring; FMCSA vs. predatory leases – WTT


On Episode 683 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner is talking to Cargado co-founder and CEO Matt Silver. Silver just got back from Mastermind and is here to talk about the rise of nearshoring, why he isn’t buying Coyote, cross-border trends and the Cargado story.

Motive’s Hamish Woodrow breaks down their latest freight market report covering carrier contractions, warehouse truck visits, fuel and the overall health of the freight economy. 

Reliance Partners’ Joe Schreiner discusses the implications of New Jersey hiking truck insurance minimums to $1.5 million. Premiums could rise 40%-60% under the new rule. We’ll find out how this will impact capacity, interstate laws and your fleet.

Plus, FMCSA vs. predatory leases, trolling double brokers, maggots on a plane and massive ships.

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