June 14, 2023

Yellow, goodbye? – WTT – FreightWaves


On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to FreightWaves’ Rachel Premack about the drama over at Yellow. The carrier has told the Teamsters it will be out of money by August, but the union says it’s not going to bail the company out again. We’ll find out if Yellow can survive and what will be left of it. 

Tiger Cool Express, LLC shuts down.

Remcoda CEO Remy Garson has doubled down on nearshoring. We’ll learn about its recent strategic acquisition in Colombia and how he thinks nearshoring will reshape supply chains.

Optym’s Chris Torrence and Danny Zeenberg put a FreightTech spotlight on AI. Is it living up to the hype in trucking and is this still a business about people?

Justin Martin has the latest on the I-95 collapse; if drivers prefer check calls over tracking; a new headlight meme at truck stops; lunatic Lyft drivers; why the ‘80s hit different; and what’s ahead at the Future of Supply Chain in Cleveland. 

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