July 12, 2023

Yellow’s last stand; cost of UPS strike; and why peak season is screwed – WTT


On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to FreightWaves’ Rachel Premack about Yellow’s last stand, the cost of a UPS strike and the Las Vegas Sphere.

Freight Grim Reaper Henry Byers, who famously called last year’s ocean market collapse, has a new report and it’s not looking good. We’ll learn why ocean freight has already peaked.

Tive Inc.’s Krenar Komoni shares his company’s latest release of integrations for visibility across all modes. 

FreightWaves’ Justin Martin is sick of online scammers saying you can make a million bucks with a box truck and he’s here to rant about it. 

Plus, driver health; how coal is loaded; whether a jewel theft was an inside job; and more.

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