July 26, 2023

Flowspace debuts AI solution for merchants

AI is rapidly gaining popularity in the logistics industry as a transformative technology. It is revolutionizing workflows, creating efficiencies and strengthening supply chains by streamlining processes, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing decision-making capabilities.

These advantages are what motivated fulfillment platform Flowspace on Tuesday to launch its new concierge tool FlowspaceAI for Freight. Customers on its platform can now leverage the solution to eliminate tedious tasks including the generation of booking date confirmations, automated creation of documentation and other freight management processes.

“Merchants no longer need to engage in the time-consuming coordination of freight and transportation bookings via email. Using data from a merchant’s bill of lading, FlowspaceAI for Freight automatically generates a booking confirmation, carrier details and documentation within the Flowspace platform,” Karen Chao, vice president of product, told FreightWaves.

Flowspace, named a leader in last-mile delivery and fulfillment by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, works with over 500 e-commerce and retail merchants to provide shipping capabilities, order management services, warehouse management systems, analytics, and a large warehousing network of over 150 locations and 33 million square feet of space.

Now merchants can use FlowspaceAI for Freight to support these services, particularly with its Network Optimization tool, to enhance fulfillment operations and provide valuable insights for marketing and sales strategies.

“Network Optimization determines the ideal fulfillment footprint for a merchant, across a merchant’s existing locations, Flowspace’s nationwide network of locations or both. Optimizing for key business metrics, it enables merchants to design a network that fulfills product close to consumers, wherever they are,” said John Tokash, vice president of engineering.

Now that the company’s new product has been launched, the Flowspace team anticipates delving deeper into AI integrations within its platform, aiming to reveal previously untapped inefficiencies in merchants’ supply chains.

“Flowspace is using its AI technology to develop tools that will uncover patterns and trends within a merchant’s fulfillment data. These insights can be used to further optimize operations, as well as inform strategic decisions across the business in departments like marketing, sales, business operations and beyond,” said Tokash.

“We are constantly monitoring advancements in AI and other emerging tech in order to stay ahead of what’s next as we develop our product road map.”

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