July 26, 2023

UK 3PL Experiences Impressive Growth


Cargo Express, a transport, warehousing, and logistics management company based in the West Midlands, has experienced an impressive period of growth recently, resulting in huge developments to its fleet, workforce, and services. Cargo Express service companies located around the world with their fast and reliable, ground, sea, and air freight solutions.

Firstly, the rapid growth has meant that the logistics manager has been able to invest an impressive £2 million into an already extensive fleet, bringing in more vehicles to allow the service of more clients at any one time. It has also diversified its collection, allowing for greater flexibility with non-standard loads.

Secondly, Cargo Express has been able employ new staff across the business, resulting in an expansion of both sea and air freight services and growth in the customs department.

In fact, the logistics firm recently achieved AEO (authorised economic operator) accreditation, which is granted directly from HMRC in recognition of secure and trustworthy businesses within the supply chain.

The AEO accreditation gives accredited logistics companies a more streamlined customs experience, reduces the risk of theft due to a lower risk score, and allows them to benefit from trade agreements with the EU, Japan, China, the USA, and more.

Additionally, Cargo Express has expanded its warehousing offering to include ‘pick & pack’ and stock control services to its clients, giving them greater and more fine-tuned control of their logistics package.

Cargo Express is also DVSA accredited to prove that the whole company is committed to meetings driver and vehicle safety standards. The accreditation requires the logistics provider to constantly provide data straight to the DVSA and, in turn, makes it less likely that their vehicles will be stopped for inspections.

Lastly, the logistics manager has been part of a government trial that has tested the use of longer semi-trailers for more than eight years. The trial itself ran for 11 years, and the trailers, which are 2.05 metres longer than standard-sized trailers, will now be approved for use on UK roads. Acquiring more of these trailers was part of the initial £2 million investment into the Cargo Express fleet.


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