March 11, 2024

Sisters of the Road’s mission to MATS; REE Automotive’s by-wire truck – WTT

On Episode 692 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner is joined by Sisters of the Road’s Debbie Dingo. From March 1 to March 21, the Sisters of the Road are on a journey from California to the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), championing the cause of women drivers. Their mission? To spotlight the remarkable women who’ve been navigating the highways for decades, defying stereotypes and driving change.

Trucker Tools CEO Kary Jablonski is picking apart produce season. Will this year’s be the hail mary the market needs? Also, who’s getting voted off freight island? Jablonski tells us what a lifelong addiction to “Survivor” has taught her about business. 

Ree Automotive has delivered the first totally by-wire commercial truck chassis. We’ll find out what that means and where this EV truck company is headed with Jake Obert.

Plus, WTT starts on SiriusXM; why you’re 6% more likely to die in a car wreck today; when prospecting goes wrong; final-mile dance-offs; and more.

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