February 28, 2024

The largest autonomous inventory management platform in the world – WTT


On episode 687 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to Gather AI’s Sean Mitchell about the applicability of warehouse drones, AI, and software in optimizing operations. Gather AI’s software enables drones to fly autonomously through warehouses with no GPS or WiFi to photograph inventory stored in pallet locations. We’ll find out how the largest autonomous inventory management platform in the world works.

Couch.com founder and CEO Alex Back is an e-commerce veteran and a direct to consumer expert. He’s built a new platform that helps users select a couch. He’s talking about the future of AI in the furniture industry and e-commerce in general.

It’s all about chassis when Consolidated Chassis Management LLC’s Mike Wilson joins the show. We’ll learn about their South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool. This innovative pool utilizes advanced technologies and industry expertise to optimize chassis utilization throughout the South Atlantic region.

FreightWave’s Alan Adler covers the electric and the eclectic. We’ll learn about Hyliion’s Karno generator; ideal use cases for electric vehicles; and renewable natural gas as a growing factor in Class 8 truck orders.

Plus, Kardashian gets double brokered; cooking in the cab controversy; spot rates slide; Cam Newton hits the logistics conference scene and more.

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